Welcome to the Canadian Poker Federation

Welcome to the Canadian Poker Federation

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Welcome to the Canadian Poker Federation

The Canadian Poker Federation (CPF) is dedicated to the development of poker within Canada and around the world.

As a brand new organization the initial goal of the CPF will be to develop an initial membership group to discuss and develop the goals of the Federation.

Membership in the Canadian Poker Federation will be a nominal $12 per year.  This small membership fee will provide the CPF with funds to cover operating costs required to run the Federation from it’s home office in the Vancouver, BC area.  In addition to using the funds from the annual membership fees to cover operating costs, the CPF would like to help those less fortunate in the world and will contribute $2 from every membership fee received to a charity account.

As the founder of the CPF I will dedicate myself and my time to the organization and promise to represent the membership to the best of my abilities throughout the poker world in both Canada and internationally.

The first step is to get the word out and develop a quality membership base.  Please consider joining the CPF as a founding member and get the word out there so we can build up our numbers.  The bigger the membership numbers, the louder our voice.


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